Our professional culinary team wants to offer every customer a unique gourmet experience thanks to the undoubted quality of the ingredients we use, as well as our skilled preparation and impressive presentation. On your first visit to our establishment, you will encounter a pure, well-defined style of cuisine with elements of classic Czech dishes and ethnic specialities. You will be able to savour new dishes inspired by ripe and fresh ingredients, which are in season and which offer the most delicious flavours. Similarly, you will also be able to enjoy a diverse menu offering a distinctive concept of classic fare.

In order to ensure that our kitchen is perfect, we have assembled a catering team that is well-versed in modern and traditional cuisine with respect to the techniques, hierarchy and discipline of their trade. The master chef and head of production Dušan Jakubec as well as the head chef Petr Bednář manage a team of more than 20 cooks, confectioners, bakers and auxiliary workers. Everyone works together in a state-of-the-art, 200 m2 kitchen.

Top class cooking equipment designed especially for the Fast Good buffet restaurant at Prosek Point emphasises the precision and modern techniques that inspire the head chef to create new recipes. Preparing dishes on an induction cooker ensures a constant temperature, which is necessary for cooking meat and fish. Convectomats, hold-o-mats induction woks, special grills and professional confectionery equipment allow our chefs and confectioners to prepare first-class, healthy and well-balanced meals.

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